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It will be a 6S Mini iPhone?

At various reports have suggested Apple could a small iPhone 4-inch iPhone restarted 6S and more next year. While most agree that it seems unlikely to expand, reports further said he. Focus on the idea First, the analyst Timothy Arcuri Cowen & Company is said the rumor. Although it has not always been fair with their Apple predictions Arcuri occasionally hit the nail on the head.

In a note to investors filtered AppleInsider, Arcuri suggests that Apple could launch a “mini-iPhone 6S” with a 4-inch screen. Sports Equipment shall iPhone 5S similar specifications, but are inexpensive components. This can make smaller budgets the device, make it as a refurbished iPhone 5C sound. Arcuri, the smaller iPhone said the same cutting edge design, like the iPhone have bent 6 and 6 Plus.

Shortly after Arcuri is MyDrivers surface collected a note of the US investment firm Zacks Equity Research, which claims that Apple plans to 10 million iPhones 4 inches 6S phones in 2015 to sell According to the company, Apple feels “forced” to meet customer needs and still selling iPhones 4 inches. It is expected that the smaller iPhone 6S cost less than the two largest phone, making it attractive for those who want a mid-range phone.

However, the sources of supply are told the Chinese media that is not part of a 4-inch form factor.


That love iOS 8

All of us are by the very nature of the service, the Apple iOS 7 was fascinated. Not only Apple fans, but also for those who are new to this same benefit. Then there is the next iOS 8 was designed to serve users with advanced features and higher profits. It includes many advanced features, with better navigation. This gives you a new experience in working with your iPad and iPhone. There are many things that you know to appreciate this latest version of the operating system. Now it’s more about communication between iOS devices is of utmost importance. So Apple changed the game with software updates. There are many things to be expected that the exchange of iTunes accounts, permissions management devices, movies, books and much more as they want.

Let us understand that everything is there to love iOS 8:

Software for users

One thing that comes to mind when a software update is available for the user. Apple has such a long way to what the user wants to come. The purchasing involvement of responsible participation, the selection of the App Store, and the integration of continuity, everything points to the characteristics of public services.

The last time that offer iOS is the continuity of their properties for the implementation of continuous communication between multiple iOS and Mac devices. This requires upstream technology is way ahead of Windows Phone. Another thing would be to pay Apple really big changes, especially those who have been waiting for mobile payments made. It is similar to now asked the NFC payment system. It’s more like Google Wallet with a change that Apple has the validity of the fingerprints. Also, for those who would live in Canada and the United States are looking forward to use mobile payment systems from scratch.

Design and Navigation

If you’re wondering, that profound reform in a position to changes in the user interface notice, then you need to start a new search. 8 iOS an important transition from previous versions. You will be glad to see the control center, the eye catchy is a photo-sharing service. Other things that are visually appealing cover, the design is clean with dividing lines and shadows, the 7 comes his attention by comparison with iOS together.

Health App

With many changes Apple has the application of health, the Health ID card, medical identification and emergency contact has presented. Moreover, it is customizable and you can add your data aptitude for it. You can do as well as with other devices or applications at their convenience so manually. Most notable is the ability to allow the user to create medical ID cards. You can also add an emergency contact, those times when implement a medical emergency. The medical identification is useful at times when your identity is required, or when a situation in which important information is obtained. Besides, no one would be able to ask for help with the lock screen. This is a step forward, especially when we know that health and fitness is a growing concern of US citizens at the time. Apple has shown that all users and to provide maximum benefit.

Characteristic Continuity

Continuity is all about the best of the features of iOS 8 you can give your device with integration with Mac. There are two things that used to be objective iCloud first drive and the second is, Transfer. For non-professionals, it is the ability to use them in a position to the speakers and the microphone Mac with your iPhone. You can easily text messages and use the desktop software that can be used in iMessages. This goes far beyond iMessages to allow you to use your device with the continuity of the work carried out with other iDevice.

Another unit that enables iCloud synchronization process between your Mac and iOS devices.

Additional Functions

• Reply to a message immediately by message is easy to answer, with support for audio files. You can send a voice memo function with the text, without using or not go elsewhere.

• A shift will move to the next step in your e-mail application with the ability to halfway to passing them on to Unread. Slide from right to left for the two Trash or select a message.

• Extensions of application has many features that you use extensions in an application.

• Personalization with custom Emoji keyboard is that the progress of iOS 8 next level.

• The application displays photos new, while other images in the collection, which looks more like a file.

• The ability to share the family gives you the opportunity to act as head of a iDevice and decide access and the access privileges in app purchases.

• Programming in a calendar for various activities within a group or family is suitable for the organization of events and plan ahead.

• iTunes currency purchases made easy with 6 people, which can be added to an account. This means that you, not in conjunction with your individual account

These changes make it clear that it know many wonderful things about Apple iOS 8 and would be sure to appreciate the utility software that is made for the masses.


IOS Application Development and Android Application Development

iOS is an operating system developed by Apple Inc. decency mobile platform. IOS has the world with its intuitive and easy modified to use and manage the myriad intended applications. Now there’s an app for almost everything! With more than 800 million iOS devices, and a projection of one billion devices in the future iOS-powered, has a large market presence and explore this market makes sense, everything is left behind a wreck.

There was a slight decline in the traditional PC sales, while there was a steady increase in handheld devices. There are more than 1.2 million iOS apps have been downloaded and more than 60 million times. This shows how popular operating system and applications from Apple for what it really is.

With such a huge market that can pay millions of dollars a single application, or you can make multiple applications and make a living out of it. If you are a developer who is familiar with the programming that you can afford and learn programming for Apple iOS. This will not only develop an application, but also learn to develop applications for iOS if and develop more applications in the future.

But if you are not a professional programmer or are not well versed in programming for IOS, then it will be very difficult and time and money to invest to learn programming. If you do not want to make his living as a programmer and then learn a set of skills, such may not be the best choice for you. But if you have an idea about an application, but can not program yourself, then you can start programming developed part of a professional outsourcing and you can about a product, your idea. Who knows, it could be a million dollar idea! In this way, you can make a living from the iOS applications with just a brainstorming and ideas but do not grow on the application, rather than the professionals take care of. You pay them for their services and markets software and make money from it.

If you are not a professional programmer and have no intention of selling iOS apps of professionals according to your idea developed, but you have to want to have an app for iOS, only by you or your company, and then used as a developer the iOS app can help. Also you can go through the learning curve take time and then consider doing the services of a professional programmer for the application.

In this way, the application will be made to your exact specifications and have all the features and functions that leave you or your company’s needs and everything you do not need. Therefore, there is confusion footprint has an off-the-shelf software. You can completely customize the theme and color logo of your company in the app to suit your needs.

There are several companies and iOS freelance programmer who can do the work for you. So if you think you have an idea of one million dollars or if you think your company can use to improve the productivity of an application that will help you, then you can choose to use their services.


The five coolest accessories for iPhone and iPad unveiled at CES 2015 today

It has been a dizzying number of iPhone and revealed so far at CES 2015, but fortunately Accessories MacRumors did a remarkable job of keeping track of all of them done for us. For your pleasure, we published below by MacRumors shown our favorite iPhone and iPad accessories, if you know what to keep your eyes into account in the coming weeks.

Narrative Clip 2

2 is all that is happening around him, then quickly accessed through the use of narratives for iOS on the iPhone a narrative video on the camera, you can capture. The clip 2 has an 8-megapixel camera with 8 GB of internal memory and free Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, so you can easily synchronize the camera with your iOS device. It is expected that the device later this year and will cost $ 199.


This is a really cool accessory for aspiring artists out there, or anyone who wants to see only scanned his doodles. Essentially iSketchnote You can create sketches in ink on the paper automatically transferred to the iPad screen via a Bluetooth connection. MacRumors says it works mainly by “slate to write a platform with Bluetooth technology that allows users to post their favorite notebook or a piece of paper on top and draw or write, as they usually allowed with real-time conversion. “

iSketchnote goes on sale later this year for $ 179.99 and is a package, the board has two blades and a strut with coverage, who includes features specifically designed for the iPad.

Kevo more

Intelligent Kwikset lock manufacturer has taken the wraps off the new platform Kevo plus, with the lock from a distance and unlock the locks of your home with your iPhone. MacRumors says the new platform “is a direct online connection to the Kevo application”, which means that you can not be there to open the door and instead can be opened from anywhere in the world. The new platform will also work with your Nido thermostat, so it seems like a very important addition to the Smart Home.

Griffin PowerDock Pro

If you have someone other iOS devices in your home, you really want to check. Pro has five locations Griffin PowerDock strain on your iOS devices and has the charge sensor technology to detect the type of device you invite and provide the optimal amount of juice. The device sells for $ 130 and will be available this fall.

Transfer Jet Toshiba

And finally we have a plant of a well known brand that make it incredibly easy to share data between devices promises zipper. The Toshiba About Jet You can easily send data wirelessly writes between devices and MacRumors that “users can just plug the adapter 24 square millimeters for the iOS devices and open the TranferJet iOS application to start transferring files.”, The device is in the range of $ 33 to $ 41 and will be sold for the First Time in Japan this spring before in other countries.

Looking for more CES coverage? Be sure to check out our CES 2015 bucket!


iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy 5

We believe that it is. Two fabulous smartphones If you are looking for someone to say it’s perfect, the other is nonsense, and it is a universal right answer for everyone, so it will look elsewhere. The two are among the best smartphones of 2014, and anyone can make a lot of people happy. The question is what is best for you.

Comparing the latest iPhone and Galaxy flagships to use the screen size to be a great advantage for Samsung. But with Apple iPhones finished putting more screens than its predecessors, is a small problem. With 4.7 inch iPhone provides 6 85 percent both screen makes the Galaxy S5.

You get more and more S5 on the screen (18 percent, to be exact) galaxy, but at least not to live the iPhone for a definition of 2010 was the size of the screen.

And if you do, you can get even more of an iPhone screen always check phablet Apple iPhone 6 Plus. It extends in a completely different category from the phone, but the possibility of a giant iPhone is it if you want.

Both phones have answers to be operated with one hand. In the Galaxy S5, the whole screen shrinks quick gesture. On the iPhone, easily twice touching the slide touch of top-level Content-ID sensors down (Apple calls this “accessibility”).

I prefer Apple’s approach for smoother animation and feel more integrated part of the software (in the galaxy, the contraction of a hand does not always register for the first time, and feels uneven). I prefer the Samsung approach, but also by reducing the keyboard.

Build quality is a big plus for the iPhone 6. It is probably the smartphone you’ve seen the beautifully designed. Like all recent Apple products, has an aluminum unibody construction. But this time, Apple has given way and the angular look, instead rounded edges. The effect is startling: it looks and feels soft.

The Galaxy S5 has a dimpled plastic back and metal edges and plastic. I do not fear the back: first, it may seem strange, but slightly soft to the touch is comfortable in the hand and gives the phone a unique identity. The operating band of plastic, however, the edge is a major drawback. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 replaced with real metal and made a big difference in the feeling that you are using a high-end device.

Both phones Get a quality of the screen. The GS5 is sharper (432 pixels per inch, 326 against the iPhone) and uses Super AMOLED technology for deep blacks and rich colors. IPhone screen is, however, has an excellent contrast, color accuracy and viewing angles.

I have no complaints about the screens, and I doubt that he will. There are more important to your decision based areas.

The Galaxy S5 is waterproof, which, depending on how the phone is being used, could be a big advantage. If you want the hot tub or, for example, you can bring your GS5 along for the ride. It could also be located next to the pool and swim to shore and check your messages (which makes no swimming, though). And of course it is great insurance against accidental falls in sinks, toilets and water puddles.

Not all fingerprint sensors are the same. Both phones but the iPhone is much better. In the Galaxy S5, you must slide your finger on the start button. You can drag a certain angle, and sometimes I have to repeat shots. On the iPhone, just hold your finger on the touch sensor identification for a brief moment.

Both phones have great cameras, but give me the advantage to the iPhone. The GS5 to make high-resolution photos, but also when zooming or culture, I think the iPhone shots look better. In general, vaccines GS5 highly saturated look, while capturing the iPhone subtle nuances in all lighting conditions.

The iPhone has a slow motion recording mode is phenomenal (recorded at 240 fps in 720p). If you have pets or go to a lot of sports, it is especially nice to have. GS5 The camera has a much too slow, but is grainy and rough compared to the iPhone. GS5 can customize video segments are idle and at normal speed, as done in Apple’s release.

Both phones have a good battery life, but the GS5 has a leg up. In our benchmark, the video over Wi-Fi with brightness set to 75 percent transferred to the battery of the Galaxy S5 fell 10.6 percentage points per hour, while the iPhone reduced by about 14.4 percent per hour.

So the phone is the best? As always, it depends on what you are looking for. You want a high-end design, the fingerprint sensor easily and a better camera? Go with the iPhone 6. Need a larger screen, longer battery life and resistance of the water? Then the Galaxy S5.


iPhone 6 Vs the iPhone 6 Plus

Finally, two new models of Apple iPhone are here: 6 and 6 Plus, prepared by other manufacturers such as Samsung and Nokia influence interest. A moment many for months (years) waited. Both are high-end models, no significant cleavage in the price difference between the two, so it is difficult for the consumer, choosing the right one. The main difference? Size: One is still clearly a phone, like his brothers and sisters before, with a screen of 4.7 inches and the other thus moves in the market “phablet” with a 5.5-inch screen.

Sharp edges are no longer the main attraction, as both models smooth elegant curves. Made of aluminum, steel and glass, you can be sure to stay in a fixed piece of information. However, these models are even thinner than before: go see problems with the strength and robustness? Both models are available in gray / silver, bright silver / gray and gold colors.

The iPhone 6 plus more wins 1080p resolution with 400ppi pixel density compared 326ppi 6. The quality of the camera remained similar to previous models with 8-megapixel sensor 15 microns. How boring, no significant improvement here, which is interesting, because the phones are almost the main use of photography in contemporary society. 6 or more plus is the stabilization of the optical chamber while 6 digital stabilization.

Of course, a new processor has been thrown on the thin paper, these Apple devices: A8. Both phones that chip contains a 1.4 GHz dual-core 64-bit processor, which filed to deliver the performance by 20% over the chip A7 processor and is energy efficient.

As expected, no way to its total memory is installed with external card, but the company has at least damage the top model to the internal memory of 128 GB (obviously at a price) to hold. It is no longer a 32GB model exists.

The significant improvement of the function is found to be the largest in the battery 6 Plus. Yes, you need to feed a larger screen, but the overall performance of the battery is finally improved. Hope that the users do not need to connect your phone to a wall twice daily, just to answer a text.

What would we choose? Both models are too close split decision. Take the two devices in hand and see which feels better because all the rest of these devices must actually be the same. Not too little in it. If you are a big complainer battery, take the 6 Plus.